Game Info

SLG+RTS with the Second World War background There’re three main camps in game: Axis, Communist and Alliance Each camp has 14 units and more than 1 technology tree. Players can work out the best strategy according to their own tastes.

Game Update Time : 2018-05-24 00:03

To provide you a better gaming experience, we updated the War Conquest 1941 on May 24, 2018. Thanks for your support and cooperation. Here is the Info for this update:


1. Turn off Arena, Lord of War, Fight Till Last Man Stands, Supreme Commanders, and related content.

2. Adjust resource output, increase the output of the Camp War, and reduce the output of Resources Construction and Resource Mine.

3. The Camp War increases 108 strongholds.

4. Increase the neutral stronghold, and decrease the default stronghold of the three camps.

5. Each 1st Place winner in the neutral city will be rewarded. When each neutral city is occupied by a player for the first time, players who ranked Top 3 in Points and in Destroying the City Defense will receive resource rewards.

6. New attribute for each unit: Siege Value. When destroying the city defense successfully, the City Defense Points will minus the sum of the Siege Value of all units. If failed, the City Defense Points won’t change.

7. Increase the restore speed of City Defense Points and Siege Value greatly.

8. Delete Prosperities; each city will have a fixed level and fixed resource output.

9. Country Task is modified from refreshing once daily to twice per day, each lasting 2 hours.

10. Modify the extra benefits of the rankings for Investment and Corps Investment.

11. Increase Camp Level. Each time winning in the Country Task, the Camp points +1. After reaching the current level limit, can upgrade the Camp Level.

12. Modify the reward formula for Country Task, now tied to Camp Level and players’ level.

13. During the Camp War, after the victory of the battle, the player will obtain not only Conquests but also Merits.

14. Decrease the cost of moving and battle in the Camp War.

15. Increase the player's movement speed in the Camp War greatly.

16.Increase Guards, when the city near the Camp’s capital is occupied by other Camps, the Guard will refresh twice per day to help the player of this camp regain the city.

17. Decrease Camp War donation chances.

18. Optimize the number of players displayed in each city.

19. Optimize the display of city information.

20. Optimize the display of small maps.