Game Info

SLG+RTS with the Second World War background There’re three main camps in game: Axis, Communist and Alliance Each camp has 14 units and more than 1 technology tree. Players can work out the best strategy according to their own tastes.

Game Update on Mar 28 Time : 2018-03-27 01:54

Dear Commander,


War Conquest 1941 will be updated on March 28, 2018(CDT). The update will fix some game bugs, adjust some of the game internal parameters, and optimize the user interface. Please get prepared!


Update detail:



1.Fix the bug of graphics loss.


2.Adjust the display of material cost in Treasure Hunt.


3.Universalize the event refresh time and add the server time display.


4.Adjust the level to unlock the events in Challenge.


5.Adjust the restriction to sensitive words.


6.Add the keyboard hot-key of the Tactic.


7.Fix bug of the City Battle calculation in the Camp War.


8.Optimize the display of mines and mine-sweeping skills.


9.Adjust the price of Advanced Merits Box in the Shop.



Have fun in game!


War Conquest 1941 Operating Team